Update 9: MP lends support for action over Kilsby layby eyesore

Chris HH MP at layby with residents

Chris HH MP at layby with residents, click for full size image

Visiting the site of the Kilsby A5 layby today, Northamptonshire MP Chris Heaton-HarrisĀ  acknowledged that despite recent efforts to clean-up the eyesore there were still “tons” of rubbish causing problems, stating “You have a specific, very well defined problem that needs some action here!”

Chris also indicated that he would write to both Prologis at DIRFT, and Network Rail, with a view to initiating action to make the site less prone to littering in the short term.

As the visit, around 20 residents of Kilsby came along to make their views known to Chris and support the campaign.

Chris has highlighted that the new unitary authority West Northamptonshire Council will need to be a part of any solution to the problem, and we will pick this up with our councillors as soon as they have had a chance to get their feet under their new desks.

Watch a short interview with Chris at the site here, with apologies for the traffic noise which we hope is alleviated by the subtitling.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please lend your support for action at our online petition.

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