Update 3: Campaign news 1 week on

Kilsby Kronickle

The KK was distributed on Saturday 28 March

Today saw the distribution of 500 copies of The Kilsby Kronickle across the village which included an article and petition form about this campaign. We look forward to seeing what sort of response we receive from this more traditional media.

In the meantime the initial online links placed on Facebook and NextDoor have generated support from over 10% of the village population already, which is a great start after only a few days, and prior to the KK article being published.

A few people have asked what the next steps of the campaign might be, and the short answer is … it depends.

It depends primarily on the rate of response and support we receive. If, as expected, we secure support from a large proportion of village residents, we will then need to get together a small group of activists to lead on taking the campaign to our local media, councillors and politicians.

Depending of course on responses to that, we will then be in a position to make a judgement as to the next steps, and just how forceful we want to be as a group.

Stay in touch, and thanks for your support if you have signed, and  if you haven’t, please do so at this link.

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