Update 12: Campaign for closure “on hold” while WNC explores options

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Volunteers haven’t stepped forward to create a campaign group

Despite 300 signatures, several newspaper articles, support from our MP, and promised intervention as a result of this campaign from Network Rail and Prologis, no volunteers have stepped forward from the village to form a campaign group.

Therefore, this campaign is being placed on hold.

“The initial response was enough that the problems around littering and fly-tipping are now being addressed by the council, Network Rail and Prologis”, said David Head, campaign organiser.

“That’s a really good thing to have achieved and if as a result the layby is kept clean and tidy, I will be happy with that. I have to confess to being sceptical about that being maintained in the long term but to be fair to the new local authority we must give them that opportunity.

“If things are not put right, or deteriorate again, perhaps we can revisit this campaign but we will need villagers to step forward in that case, it’s not possible for one person to take it on.”

David will be attending a last meeting with West Northamptonshire Council councillors this coming Friday (18 June) and will post a final update here after that.

If anyone would like to take the campaign further please contact David at campaign@closethekilsbylayby.com.


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