Update 11: Campaign reaches new West Northants Council

West Northants CouncilCleanup campaigner David Head met (virtually) with councillors from the new West Northamptonshire Council on Friday (21 May) to discuss the problems that have been highlighted by the campaign and as a result of our contacting Chris Heaton-Harris MP.

Councillors Malcolm Longley , Alan Chantler, and Rosie Humphreys met with David along with previous councillor Catherine Lomax from Kilsby and Rob Chamberlain from Chris Heaton-Harris’ association office.

We are delighted that the Councillors present agreed the importance of addressing the litter and fly-tipping problems at the layby.

Councillors were very positive about:

  • working with Chris, Norse, and Prologis to clean up the layby and maintain it
  • promising to meet with highways manager Phil Larrett to raise the issue on his agenda
  • exploring funding opportunities at the council for work to secure the layby

Although all this falls short of our call to close the layby, we have to be pragmatic and give the new local authority time and opportunity to address the problem. Therefore, David thanked the councillors for their promised interventions, and agreed that the campaign would give WNC time to come up with an alternative plan and funding.

We also know that Chris Heaton-Harris MP has promised to write to Network Rail and has already written to – and recieved a positive response from – Prologis about them providing litter facilities.

So, for the moment, watch this space. A further “update” meeting is planned with the councillors on Friday 18 June and we will keep you posted after that.


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