Update 10: Campaign call for volunteer activists

gearbox fly-tip

Gearbox fly-tipped on A5 layby site

As many Kilsby residents are aware, I wanted to wait until after our MPs visit to the layby and judge how much support from residents there is for action about the layby on the A5 before making a decision about how to proceed.

The response has been excellent; about a quarter of residents have signed our petition, and many have indicated a willingness to support a campaign financially. Chris Heaton-Harris MP was very supportive indeed of the fact that action needs to be taken and has already agreed to take some action on our behalf. He was less committal about whether it was viable to fully close the layby, but did indicate ways in which it could be closed to HGVs in line with the previously agreed plans. He was clear that Network Rail and Prologis should take some responsibility and will be writing to them. He was explicit in agreeing that action was needed, as you may have seen in our video last week.

The next stage is to take the campaign formally to the new unitary West Northamptonshire Council. In order to do that, a small group of residents needs to come together to take it forward, people with some time to give to writing to councillors, meeting again with Chris, writing to the local papers, and so on.

I cannot take this further alone, so progress now depends upon a few volunteers stepping forward to create an action group. If you are willing to be an activist on this issue please get in touch, and we can then arrange a meeting to determine the next steps.

Please email me at campaign@closethekilsbylayby.com if you would like to help.


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