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Residents of the lovely Northamptonshire village of Kilsby have reluctantly  tolerated the disgusting state of the A5 layby just to the north of the village for many years. Extensive fly tipping, and the disposal of urine bottles, human waste and food litter by truck drivers has frequently polluted the environment. Litter also threatens local wildlife and spreads along the road to contaminate the village.

But did you also know that preventing truck parking there overnight was an action included in the Parish Plan 2007 and the Neighbourhood Plan 2016?

In 2021, 14 years and 5 years later respectively, no action had been taken!

In early 2021 we asked residents to support a call for the closure of the layby immediately using cones, signage and concrete blocks, and then permanently within six months. At the time no agency was accepting responsibility for keeping the site clear, although in response to our messages our MP Chris Heaton-Harris expressed concern about the state of the layby to both Network Rail, Prologis at DIRFT, and The Department for Transport. He also promised to pursue this and keep us informed of any response.

300 villagers supported our call for action.

We are delighted that as a result action is now promised by Network Rail, Prologis, and West Northants Council (WNC) to address the fly-tipping and littering problems. We are advised that closure of the layby is not an option in the next couple of years at least, but could be revisited if the A5 is de-trunked and responsibility for the management of the road passes from Highways England to WNC. However plans now do exist to clean up the layby and provide (and service) bins, and consideration is being given to the installation of CCTV and lighting. We will monitor progress and come back to residents if things do not improve to discuss options at that time.

We are also advised the Network Rail and Vodafone (who own some of the land, fencing and broken manhole covers respectively) will work to make the area safe.

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